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wheel weights low pressure casting simple device structure

times   2018-04-27

     The equipment consists of power supply section, control section, composed of mechanical parts, hydraulic parts.

1. Power section: This machine by the 380 V AC power supply with electrical appliances for the electric heating tube, temperature control instrumentation;

2. Control section: from electronic potentiometer instrumentation, thermocouple to control the temperature of the alloy, it reached pouring temperature, in a constant state;

3. Mechanical parts: from the base, melt crucible, casting piston, co-type institutions;

4. Hydraulic part: 1 by a solenoid valve control cylinder pushing the die casting molds left and right portions of the opening and closing movements; 2 by a solenoid valve control cylinder push on the upper part of the die-casting mold, under the action; 3 is controlled by a solenoid valve die-cast cylinder piston pushing means to cook, the next action.

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