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Material and development of automobile wheel weights

times   2018-10-18

Material and development of automobile wheel weights

In recent years, in order to reduce lead pollution, some well-known foreign automobile manufacturers have begun to use zinc to manufacture wheel balance blocks. Although the zinc wheel balancer is manufactured in the same way as the lead balance, the price of its raw materials is high. The unit price of raw materials is about 50% higher than that of lead. Moreover, it is obviously not suitable to use expensive metal zinc as the weight of the wheel weights.

After the lead wheel weihts is installed on the wheel of the automobile, once the wheel is scrapped, the metal lead of the balance block placed on the open-air wheel will be infiltrated into the surface after being exposed to the sun and rain, causing serious harm to the environment. The lead dust produced by the lead balance block in the production process is also very harmful to the human body, which may cause high blood lead concentration and lead poisoning of the production personnel, which seriously endangers the health of the operator. Moreover, the disposal of the lead wheel balance weight after the scrapping is also costly. In the manufacture of lead and zinc wheel balance blocks, the raw materials are melted into a liquid state, and then injected into a die-casting mold for die-casting; and the process wastes such as gates and runners (30 to 50% by weight of the product) are removed. Then frustrate, trim, etc.; then paint. Because of the extremely high electrical energy consumed by the metal melting process, its manufacturing companies are recognized as high energy-consuming enterprises.

The steel wheel balance block is made of ordinary steel. After pressing the shape of the counterweight and the rivet of the main body, it is riveted with the circlip; it can be assembled after being coated with environmentally friendly paint. In the production of automobile balance block, ordinary steel is directly formed by cold extrusion at room temperature (or by warm extrusion forming), and the energy consumption is low, and the technical waste only accounts for 0.5 to 1% of the weight of the part. Moreover, the production process, the use process and the disposal of waste do not cause any environmental problems, so the steel car wheel balance block is considered to be a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving products.

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