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Wheel weight fixing method

times   2018-10-24

Wheel weight fixing method

The wheel weight is the basic material used for wheel wheel weight correction. According to the fixed type of the wheel weight, it can be divided into hook type and paste type. Among them, according to the quality, it is divided into several specifications of different sizes, including 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, etc., and the gauge interval of the wheel weight is usually 5g. The adhesive weight is mainly used for the hub with no fixed hook on the edge, and the wheel weight is fixed to the inner wall of the hub through the high-strength double-sided adhesive on the back.

Not only the material of the wheel hub is divided into two categories: steel and aluminum alloy. The material of the wheel weight is also different. At present, the texture of the wheel weight mainly includes iron, zinc and lead. In order to ensure that the wheel weight has the characteristics of environmental protection and anti-corrosion and aesthetics, many manufacturers need precision machining in the manufacturing process, and also carry out galvanizing, spray coating and even resin treatment on the surface of the wheel weight.

In order to avoid the occurrence of dangerous situations, the wheel is subjected to dynamic balance test by special equipment-wheel balancing machine before installation, and the appropriate weight is added to the wheel mass to make the wheel maintain dynamic balance under high-speed rotation. The weight is the wheel weight.

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