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The wheel weight balances the part and the assembly Precautions

times   2018-09-15

When the wheel weights balances the part and the assembly, please pay attention to the following points:
1. Check whether the key parts are installed in place. Before repairing crankshaft, twisting shock absorber, clutch and other equipment, please check whether these key parts are installed in place. Especially the wheel weight of the clutch could not be free to install, otherwise it will seriously affect the balance of the car

2. Keep the parts clean. With the increase in car use time, the car's parts will have a lot of dust, the dust will directly affect the balance of the car, so we should regularly clean the car parts,  to make parts run more harmonious

3. Check the balance amount of the parts. We must check the balance amount of the parts.On the machine balance of the parts and assembly imbalance can not be too large, so in the machine before being tested with the static balance of the parts to be measured, if the measured parts imbalance is large, need to repair the balance after the machine. To detect the machine balance, the parts and assemblies to achieve the allowable value of the amount of undue need to avoid heavy or add too much will damage to the body parts.

To sum up, the rapid development of the current social economy, cars facilitate people's travel, enhance the link between people. Balance is a very important part of the performance of the car, balance block is directly related to the daily driving capacity of vehicles and life, and even lead to accidents, a threat to people's lives and property. All these indicate that we should attach importance to the balance of the performance of the car in the process of car repair should be on the car balance of scientific testing, if there are problems should find the causes.


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