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The small details in the job are basic work which can not be discounted

times   2018-01-13

1.Naming problem of pictures

The image must be named product name to make it convenient for engine searching. 

2. Tight in the begging and loose later during the process of tracking customers. 

Most sales representatives have met this problem. When we receive inquiry from the customer, in the first 5 to 10 days, the pace of tracking him/her is tight and high.  Once it takes a little longer, the enthusiasm of following it will come down and even not track it any more. This behavior is stupid!

Even the end customer did not choose you finally, you can not give up tracking. No matter it is 10 days, 20 days or 30 days, we must keep on tracking him/her to be re-entering the competition. The second time has no chance for us. But we can continue to track and wait for the third ...

3.Product learning can be directly reflected in two aspects. First point is increasing product data and second point is improving products PPT.

Product learning is performed in the final professionalism and ultimately reflected in the negotiations with customers. Because all the accumulation of learning and experience are first used on the role of the sales representatives and then sales representatives feedback what they learned to the customer. These two are the processes of learning and displaying. Without learning, how to display? Though you learn but do not use, people still can not converse them into combat effectiveness.

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