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times   2018-04-04

Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,Ltd. is a company with many years of sales experience in professional electronics distributor, the company has an efficient procurement team, for customers looking for cool, cut and shortage of components, direct supply, first-hand price advantage is obvious; main business: AD; AMD; BB; TI; NS; MOT; INTEL; INTERSIL; REI; CYPRESS; ST; NEC; PHILIPS; IDT; WSI; ATMEL; XICOR; MSC and other countries of plant (DIP) aerospace grade ceramic package, military-grade, industrial-grade series; long-term original spot special hot Texas (TI) manufacturers: CD54HC suffix with F series; CD54HC suffix with F3A series; SN54 intermediate zone (LS; HC; F; ALS; S;) with a suffix J whole series, SNJ54 intermediate zone (LS; HC; F; ALS; S; ...

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