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Application of wheel balance weight die casting machine

times   2018-09-25

Application of wheel balance weight die casting machine

At present, almost every household has a car. And there are many types of wheel balancing machines on the market. There are not only domestic brands, but also many imported brands. Generally speaking, the price of imported brands is relatively high. Of course, the technological content is also relatively high and it is generally difficult to fail within a few years of use. For example, Yingkou Dali, Germany's Baisbat and Hoffman, Italy's Coki and Shiqin, and American chariots and COATS are all mature brands in the world.

From the perspective of brand number and market share, domestic wheel balancing machines dominate. And most of the brands are concentrated in Yingkou, Liaoning. Our company has a factory in Yingkou, which mainly produces tire changing machines. Relatively speaking, the technical content of domestically produced models is relatively low and the failure rate is relatively high. But compared with imported brands, it has a price advantage (the general price is 2500-6000RMB). Moreover, the service of domestic brands is generally fast and timely. For SMEs, domestic brands are generally chosen.

Therefore how do you use the wheel balance weight die casting machine? Here we introduce its use of the essentials:

1.When using the tires to be balanced, the dirt on the surface and the stones stuck in the tire pattern should be brushed to ensure the correct balance.

2 If the tire to be balanced has been left the wheel balance weight, it should be balanced with using the old wheel balance weights at the first time.

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