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Wheel balance weight related articles

times   2019-02-18

What kind of circumstances the vehicle confront need to do the tire balancing?


During we are driving the car, when you feel that the steering wheel is shaking or the wheel with abnormal sounds, it is possible that the wheel should be balanced, especially after replacing the tire, the wheel hub or the tire, the wheel is subjected to a large impact. The wheel should be dynamically balanced due to bumps and lead to the loss of wheel weight. In particular, the front wheel vibration will be transmitted to the steering wheel through the steering system, which will not only affect the normal driving, but also cause the steering system to malfunction.


Adhesive balance weight application:


1. When the hub and brake disc are processed, the axis position is not accurate. Large machining error, large casting error in non-machined surface, heat treatment deformation, deformation or uneven wear during use

2. The quality of the hub bolts is not equal, the hub mass distribution is uneven or the radial circle is beating, and the end face is beating too much.

3. The tire quality distribution is uneven. The size or shape error is too large, deformation or uneven wear during use, using retreaded tires or pads, tire repair products.

4. The inflation nozzles of the twin tires are not separated by 180°, and the inflation nozzles of the single tires are not installed 180° apart from the unbalanced dot marks.

5. When the wheel hub, brake hub, tire bolt, rim, inner tube, lining belt, tire, etc. are disassembled into tires after disassembly, the accumulated unbalanced mass or shape deviation is too large, which destroys the original balance.


Tires should be removed periodically and checked with a dynamic balance tester. Tire balance is divided into dynamic balance and static balance. The dynamic imbalance will cause the wheel to sway, causing the tire to wear wavy wear; the static imbalance will cause bumps and bounces, which often cause the tire to produce a flat spot phenomenon. Therefore, regular monitoring of the balance can not only extend the life of the tire, but also improve the stability of the car when driving, avoiding the traffic accident caused by the tire swinging, beating and losing control at high speed.

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