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Wheel balance weight product introduction

times   2019-02-22

Definition:the wheel weights is a counterweight part on the automobile . The function is to make the wheel keep in balance in high speed .

Type:According to the material and property 

1)(Iron wheel weight

2)(Pb wheel weight

3)(Zinc wheel weight

According to the shape

1)(Clip-on wheel weight)

2)(Stick-on wheel weight)


Clip-on wheel weight:


1) .Iron clip-on wheel weight

Advantage:low price and beautiful appearance

Raw material:      

Iron wire: high production cost and added -value 

Leftover material:low production cost and processes

2) .Pb clip-on wheel weight

Advantage: good capacity and precise disequilibrium 。

Raw material:dedicated lead material 

3)Zinc clip-on wheel weight        

Advantage:environmental and safe 

Raw material : (0# Zinc) 

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