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Application and material characteristics of lead-adhesive wheel balance block

times   2018-09-29

Application and material characteristics of lead-adhesive wheel balance block

Lead-adhesive wheel weights are widely used in the tire balance of vehicles. It is estimated that about 70,000 tons of lead are used each year to produce balance weights. The length and weight of cars and mini-trucks balance weights are 5-150 mm (0.2-6 inches) and 7-113 grams (0.25-4 ounces).

Usually a car is equipped with a lead-adhesive weight between 200 grams and 250 grams. This is 10-12.5% of the total amount of lead products used in vehicles, but it does not include lead-acid batteries. Lead-type balance blocks are mainly hook-type, while some new-type aluminum alloy wheels use adhesive-type balance blocks because of their shape.

The role of the balance block

The wheel weight is the basic material used for wheel dynamic balance correction. According to the fixed type of the balance block, it can be divided into two types: hook type and paste type. Among them, according to the quality, it is divided into several specifications of different sizes, including 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, etc., and the gauge interval of the balance block is usually 5g. The adhesive wheel weight is mainly used for the hub with no fixed hook on the edge, and the balance block is fixed to the inner wall of the hub through the high-strength double-sided adhesive on the back.

Not only the material of the wheel hub is divided into two categories: steel and aluminum alloy, but also the material of the balance block is different. At present, the texture of the balance block mainly includes iron, zinc and lead. In order to ensure that the balance block has the characteristics of environmental protection and anti-corrosion and aesthetics, many manufacturers need precision machining in the manufacturing process, and also carry out galvanizing, spray coating and even resin treatment on the surface of the balance block.


Lead-free trend of wheel balance blocks

These lead products are increasingly polluting human health and the environment while benefiting human beings. Lead is a toxic substance that can accumulate in the body. Excessive absorption by the body can lead to lead poisoning. A small amount of absorption can also affect people's cognitive ability and even damage the human nervous system. After the lead in this material is released, it may enter the groundwater, especially the polluted drinking water. People, especially teenagers who drink lead-contaminated drinking water, will seriously affect the development of the nervous system.

In order to better safeguard the living environment on which human beings depend for survival and achieve sustainable social-economic development, developed countries have formulated environmental protection policies that are suitable for them, and impose environmental restrictions on their production and import of lead balance blocks. People have begun to replace lead balance blocks with a variety of other metals, and zinc and aluminum-magnesium alloys or iron balance blocks are available.


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