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Wheel balance article

times   2018-11-14

Wheel balance article

Wheel balance is the necessary of mass balance to make the tire rotate evenly. It is also known as tire balance. Tire balance adjustments must be done when reassembling the tires even for new tires. At first glance, the tires and wheels look like a perfect circle, but in reality it has slight deviations in size and weight, depending on manufacturing precision.


Causing wheel balance problems


First of all, there are several reasons for the problem of car wheel balance.


Wheel deformation

Wheel deterioration/dirt

Balance weight removed

Uneven tire wear


If you place the wheel on a curb or the similar place, it can cause the wheel to deform and appear the problems with the wheel balance. Also, if the wheel is dirty or rusty, the wheel balance may be damaged. In addition, even if the balance weight is removed or the tire is unevenly worn, the wheel balance also needs to be adjusted.


How to adjust the wheel balance?


Use a tire balancer to rotate the tire at high speed to diagnose the imbalance value and adjust the weight by installing the weight. After installing the counterweight, we use the balancer to measure the unbalance value as the final confirmation. When the standard is reached, the adjustment is completed.

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