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Wheel alignment customer

times   2019-03-22

As first communication ,and customer still need to confirm more details :


In March 9,2019,customer ask for several question  about wheel alignment  :

1) Which is the smallest distance between the 3D wheel alignment machine and the car - wheels   

2) What’s mine the (optional) body height target disc  

3) Printer is included or not?  

4) Had the system the speakers?   

Wheel alignment


The answer replied :

1)  1.6m

2)  wheel alignment include target disc 

3)  voltage stabilizer and printer of wheel alignment only can choose 1. which means if  you buy wheel alignment, want printer .then no voltage stablizer .or if have voltage stablizer,then no printer

4)   wheel alignment have loudspeaker.  


Customer is satisfy for the answer and service,now is continue for more details:

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