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Wheel balance weight

times   2020-01-18

Finally completed the last container before the Spring Festival yesterday! Hope customers receive our products soon and sell them early! !!


The customer completed the deposit payment at the end of December, and our company began to actively producing and complete the goods in time within the prescribed delivery period. The customer also attached great importance to the goods and came to inspect and supervise the installation in person. The customer came to our factory on the 15th. First, accompany the customer to the factory to check the details of the goods, packaging, etc. The customer is very satisfied with our quality, including the surface treatment method, the viscosity of the glue, etc.

wheel weight shipping.jpg


With the improvement of China's highway conditions and the rapid development of automotive technology, the speed of vehicles is getting faster and faster. If the quality of the car wheels is not uniform, during this high-speed driving, not only will it affect the ride comfort, but it will also increase the abnormal wear of the car tires and suspension system, increase the difficulty of control of the car during driving, and cause traffic. Do not   .


The falling off of the wheel weiht is generally caused by the failure of several of its main parameters, namely: the hardness of the steel hook, insufficient elasticity, that is, insufficient elasticity, too high hardness, difficulty in handling, large gaps in the opening, and defects in the material itself, etc.


The container was finally shipped before spring festival! Looking forward to the next order from customer !!

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