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What is the wheel weight

times   2018-09-13

The lead block installed on the automobile tire is also called the wheel weight, which is an indispensable part of the automobile tire. The main purpose of installing the balance block on the tire is to prevent the tire from vibrating under high-speed operation and affect the normal running of the vehicle. This is what we often say about the tire balance.

wheel weight

With this wheel weight, the vehicle will not have problems such as steering wheel shake and body shake during high-speed driving. In fact, not only the wheels, the crankshaft of the vehicle, the flywheel, the drive shaft, the brake drum and other parts are all dynamically balanced at the factory. If they are not balanced, these parts will shake, so the dynamic balance is for the vehicle. It is quite important.

Zn clip on wheel weights

Generally speaking, the wheel weight is the weight component mounted on the wheel. Our most common types are two kinds, one is attached to the inner ring of the hub, and the other is mounted on the edge of the hub. The size is usually a matchbox. size. Its main function is to ensure that the car's dynamic balance of the wheel is rotated at high speed while driving.

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Generally speaking, tires, hubs and other components are limited by the influence of process materials during manufacturing, and the overall mass distribution after assembly may not be very uniform. In this case, the wheel that rotates at a high speed easily forms a phenomenon of dynamic unbalance, which in turn leads to deterioration of vehicle stability, wheel shake, and the like. In order to avoid this problem, we need to compensate the wheel for quality, that is, to correct the balance of the wheel by adding the weight locally.

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