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Usage of bead seater

times   2018-05-29

Close the deflation valve, open the inflation valve, and fill the compressed air in the air compressor to the bead seater with a quick connector. Note that the air pressure should not exceed 8 atmospheresthen close the inflation valve.

Prepare a tire to be inflated, with the top of the rim facing down and place the tire flat on the ground.

Take the bead seater to the side of the tire, push the black duck billet into the tire along the gap between the side wall and the steel rim, and use the protruding iron sheet to withstand the edge of the steel rim.

Open the deflation valve, and the high-pressure gas in the bead seater will be instantly filled into the tire so that the tire and the rim will immediately fit. Take out the  bead seater and use a pressure gauge to measure the air pressure in the tire. If the pressure is too high, deflate the air slightly. If the pressure is too low, inflate the air through tire valve until the pressure in the tire reaches the desired value. The work is over.

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