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Valve from the car to see a variety of logos on car tires

times   2016-01-23

      Tyre is an important part of the car, marked on the vehicle tire has  more than 10 species, correct identification of these markers matching  tires, use, maintenance is very important, for the protection of road  safety and extend tire life is important.

      Tire Spec: tires geometric parameters and physical properties of the flag data. Tire  specifications common set of numerals, before a number indicates the  tire section width, the latter number represents the rim diameter, are  in inches. In the middle of letters or symbols have special meaning: "x"  indicates high-pressure tires; "R", "Z" indicates radial; "a" represents  the low-pressure tires.

      Levels:  level refers to the tire cord as the inner layer of the nominal number  of layers, not entirely consistent with the actual number of plies, is  an important indicator of the strength of the tire. Level with the Chinese flag, such as 12 level; English signs, such as "14P.R" or 14 layers pole.

      Cord  material: Some tire separate signs, such as "nylon" (NYLON), the  general standard in the level after; some tire manufacturers marked in  the world after the specification, use the first letter of pinyin said  that if 9: 00-20N , 7.50-20G etc., N represents nylon, G represents the wire, M represents cotton, R is rayon.

      Load and pressure: general signs maximum load and corresponding  pressure, load with "kg" as a unit, namely pneumatic tire pressure, the  unit is "kPa."

      Rim Size: Indicates the tire rim to match the specifications used. Facilitate the practical use. Such as the "standard rim 5.00F".

      Balance Flag: color rubber mark shape, vulcanized on the tire sidewall  to indicate the lightest tires here, when the assembly is on the valve,  in order to ensure the balance of the whole tire.

      Scroll  direction: tread on the tires skid on the driving drain particularly  critical, so asymmetrical pattern popular SUV tire rolling direction  arrow sign assembly, in order to ensure that the design of adhesion,  anti-slip properties. If installed wrong, the opposite.

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