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Introduction to tire repair tools

times   2018-12-19

Introduction to tire repair tools

1. Usage:it is used to repair the tyres.

2. Type:It can be divided into plastic material and ferrum material. As to the plastic material ,it can also consists of two types: T-style and  the Gun-style。As to the ferrum material, it can be divided into solid material and hollow material.

3. Handle design: streamlined plastic handle meet the ergonomics, comfortable operation, prone to breaking.

Helical auger: the grain of tire design is easy sanding wound, so that it makes the strip and tire easier vuicanized together.

4.Jack diamond:45# high-strength steel refining strength and flexibility and never rust.

Tire strip: A strip can be used for tire repair one time, color rich,super adhesion,wearproof and longer life.

Tire repair glue:with glue, increase security,more intimate services.

5. The way of usage: 

1)the air leakage port is small, it is not convenient to repair the tire, the drill hole is drilled with a thread drill, and the rubber strip is inserted into the socket drill hole and inserted into the air leakage hole;

2)Threaded drill to drill bigger leak hole. If leak hole is small, inconvenient repair, you can simply drill a larger leak hole;

3)The strip put into drill with hole;

4)The drill with strip insert tyre leak hole;

5)Do not cut the exposed places. It will be compressed while tyre rotated .That would be better.

6.Precautions: However in the cold areas, when you use the tyre seal string, you should apply glue on it.

7.Customer Analysis: Why do customers buy:

1)high quality, low price and high use value

2)very convenient to take with

3)safe and highly efficiently

4)satisfied with the package standard

8.Customer type: 1) Retail: personal, car repair shop, tire repair shop;

2) Wholesale: distributors, distributors, trading companies.

9.Product advantage:

1).high quality,low price;

2).very convenient to take;

3).safe and efficient;

4).compared with the competitors, we have the ability to undertake the risks.our company is reliable and sincere. the after-sales serves is perfect.

10.Market analysis: 

1).The market is the whole world.it is very popular in the world.However in the cold areas, it is not widely used, it is widely used in the relatively warm areas;

2). Main markets in Europe (Germany, UK), Africa, Asia. For example, in Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia, the T-type is very popular, the gun type in Thailand is very popular, and the gun type in Nigeria is very popular. German market acceptance: 1 US dollar (FOB plastic T type) Thailand market price: 0.75-0.9 US dollars (FOB plastic gun type).

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