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Tire Changer operation safety precautions

times   2018-04-12

1 Tire Changer machine is prohibited to use the machine in the open air.

2 The Tire Changer machine power system shall be equipped with an automatic circuit breaker, adjustable at 30A.

Tire Changer operation safety precautions

3 Make sure that the direction of operation of the hydraulic motor is the same as the direction of the arrow. Otherwise, professionals must change the phase line.

4 The operator must be professionally trained to hold an operation certificate, and must not wear long hair. Do not wear heavy clothing or wear a tie, ring or necklace to prevent it from being caught by moving parts.

5 Before disassembling, the tire must be drained.

6 Prior to disassembly, the accumulated water in the fuel filter must be drained to ensure that the motor turns the belt tightly.

7 All moving parts must be kept clean, cleaned with gasoline if necessary, and lubricated to ensure that the disassembler rotates flexibly.

8 Inflatable when disassembling tires

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