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Tire Changer machine maintenance and precautions

times   2018-02-16

 1, before maintenance, you must disconnect the power and gas source.


   2, every day after work, you must carefully wipe the machine. Of all the sliding and rotating parts often lubricated.


   3, often check gas-water separator and oil mist. When the water is too much timely release, when the oil is not live is timely replenishment (with 20 or 30 spindle oil)


   4, to ensure that there is sufficient gear reducer (20 # mechanical oil), can see the oil level from the window. Open the plastic cover in the center of the workbench and unscrew the bolts to fill the holes with bolts.


   5, to ensure that equipment is clean, oil cup to ensure that there is a lubricant, water separator regularly drain.


   6, to ensure that the gas supply pressure is 0.8 ~ 1.2Mpa.

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