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Tire bead seater description

times   2019-01-18

Tire bead seater description 1

1.Product introduce:

Pneumatic tire bead seaters

Usage: It only applies to the tubeless tires after repairing

It belongs to tire repair tools, after repaired the tire, need bead seater to inflate the tire.

2.Details Introduce:

1)Tire inflating gauge:To inflate the storm, observe the rotation of the barometer, and check the pressure in the tank.

2)Duck mouth:Exhaust port, align the steel ring and tire with the duck mouth, inflating the tire

3)Safety valve:The safety valve will automatically give up when there is more than 8 air pressure in the storm tank.

4)Exhaust valve:Also known as a high pressure valve, aiming at the tire and the steel ring, and deflation valve to inflate the tire

5)Intake valve:Intake port, use a hose to connect the air pump, and inflate the air through the inflation valve

3. bead seater component:

air tank;pcl connector;air intake valve;90 bushing;bushing;pressure;gauge;safety release valve;air release valve;lock nut;threaded barrel;barrel flange;screw

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