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Tire balancing knowledge

times   2018-06-02

On the hub edge of a car wheel, there are one or more small lead blocks of different sizes. Compared with all kinds of beautiful wheels, these small lead blocks seem to be somewhat inconsistent. However, it is these small and small lead blocks that play a very important role in the stability of the car at high speeds.

In the case of wheels with higher rotational speeds, the main inertial axis passing through the center of gravity of the wheel does not coincide with the axis of rotation due to non-uniformity of the internal structure of the material, dimensional errors of the components' shapes, errors in the assembly dimensions, and structural shapes. The wheels will produce unbalanced centrifugal force, especially the high-speed running car wheels, rotating more than ten times per second. Even a small eccentric moment will cause great imbalance force, resulting in continuous vibration of the wheel, especially The vibration of the steering wheel will cause the steering wheel to shake, which will accelerate the wear of the suspension and the steering system components, accelerate the wear of the bearing in the wheel, make it difficult for a vibrating vehicle to drive, and driving is not safe. Therefore, the balance of wheels is a very important task for modern cars. After the car is leaving the factory or after running for a period of time, the wheels must be balanced and tested to measure the amount of imbalance inside and outside the rim, on the edge of the wheel. The balance block is buckled in place to achieve the balance of the wheel.

There are two kinds of wheel weights:

One kind of balance block is made of iron pieces, and the weight is in grams. There are 5 grams, 10 grams, and other specifications. 

Fe stick on wheel weights

This kind of stick is on the inner side of the hub banner, which is more beautiful. One is that there is a steel hook on the balance block, and the balance block can be buckled on the edge of the rim, which is very firm.

fe clip on wheel weights

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