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wheel weight Tips

times   2018-05-07

      Stick-on weights when used to operate in accordance with certain procedures.
When you install stick-on weights, first wipe paste parts, so more help to improve the viscosity balance block. The second step check the product is consistent with the hub, only ask, will for your car escort. Remove the protective film is the third step, the fourth step paste, preferably with a press wheel to paste more firmly. Strengthen the balance wheel block and the fit, not falling.

Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. focuses on balance block production for 20 years, has iron, of lead, zinc and other materials balance blocks, and various models complete with galvanized surface treatment and coating. Whether sales or quality are leading the industry. And gradually gained the trust of foreign customers. So we, how can that you do not? 

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