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Clip-on weights main technical indicators

times   2018-04-23

Clip-on weights used in the production of ordinary steel at room temperature by direct cold extrusion forming (or the use of warm extrusion molding),Low energy consumption, process wastes only 0.5 to 1% by weight of the parts.And its production process, use and disposal of wastes shall not cause any environmental problems, after pressing weights with rivet body shape and weight of the retainer riveting connection,After green paint coating both assembly.Therefore, automotive steel wheel balance weight is considered to be a new type of environmentally friendly energy-saving products.

1, ordinary steel manufacturing automobile wheel balance weihts;

2, corrosion resistance: resistance to salt spray ≥480 hours;

3, Appearance: three-dimensional curved shape can be formed, in line with the needs of the various wheels of shape;

4, the production, use and waste disposal processes steel weights of no environmental pollution;

5, manufacture, use and waste pollution index after: None

6, plastic molding dimensional accuracy: ± 0.05mm;

7, the following specifications 60g steel counterweights cold extrusion technology; specifications and more than 60g steel counterweights by warm plastic forming technology;

8, the warm plastic forming force: cold extrusion pressure 1/3;

9, the pull-off force of the spring hook; ≥20N (in line with international standards).

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