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Spain and Peru customs new regulations

times   2016-12-24

According to Spain customs requirements, all the goods to Spain or Spain transit must provide the HS CODE (4).


Such requirement is enforced from now on, so please be sure to provide 4-digit HS CODE when submitting a sample of the bill of lading .


If it is mixed with a variety of goods, involving different HS CODE, in accordance with HS CODE sending cargo information separately , to avoid incomplete declarations, causing customs fines.


If it is not necessary to display HS CODE on the bill of lading, please indicate in SIREMARKS.


From now on, all the cargo manifests to Peru must show the consignee and the informant's RUC NO, as required by the Peruvian customs, and this information is not mandatory to show on the bill of lading.


It is hereby reminded to carefully check the completeness of the information when submitting the samples of the bill of lading. If there is any change, please contact the relevant departments in time.


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