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How to solve After punctured car tires

times   2016-01-23

      Car tires is equivalent to our sandals, we have the right pair of shoes can make us a good stride like a champ, and if the shoes out of the question, ranging from uncomfortable to walk, wrestling weight may even sprained foot. Inevitably be punctured car tire sharp objects, burst tire you know how to handle it?

      Aid formula: fire a gun supplement
      The most common way is to puncture holes pierced tire parts made of plastic strips, tire repair shop master usually call it fire a gun-type tire repair. The greatest benefit of this method is fast and convenient, just a few minutes, and does not need to pry off the tire rims. Tire fire a gun type of defect is durable enough, and also difficult to cope with a large wound, it is often only as a temporary remedy.

      Plugging lack formula: Paste fill
      The so-called sticky patch is removed from the injured tire rims, found after the wound from the inner tire rubber tire repair paste special. The advantage of this method is that it can be repaired for a large wound, the disadvantage is still durable enough, after flooding and high-speed operation after a period of time, at repair leaks occur again.

      End of the formula: fire fill
      We often say that fire is the most thorough repair tire repair measures. Fire also have to pry the tire patch, the dedicated student film attached to the wound, and then bake baking machine wound until raw film with a tire completely fit. Fire supplement benefits are very durable, the basic need to worry about duplicate leak. But it also has shortcomings, it is high time the technical requirements of the construction, because the furnace control once baking is not good, it might tire scorched, but also a serious deformation, as a result, damage to tires may big.

      Professionals have pointed out, tire repair methods are diverse, but not a panacea. If the tire wall appeared larger than 1 centimeter wound, or crown pierced by steel and other objects, resulting in a large loophole, it is generally better to replace new tires. Because this is not only difficult to fill a tire, the effect can not be patched up after reassuring, simply let it retire.

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