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Self-experience at work

times   2018-10-15

I have been in the company for three weeks. I have learned a lot. Colleagues have also taught me a lot of work experience. I have any questions. They will teach me patiently. I am very grateful. I learned how to publish products in Ali, in order to be more likely to be found by customers, learn the product classification, how to follow up customers.

I entered this big family and felt that I had to learn a lot of things. I think the most important elements to do one thing are: persistence, diligence, more listening, more, more, more, less, less blame, more specific. Do your own thing.

I received the inquiry in the third week of entering the company. I didn't know how to deal with it at the beginning. I asked the shally and pansy, they are told me how to reply to the customer's mail and how to make a quotation for the customer. I also learned from it. To speak to customers must be prepared in advance, to be simple and easy to understand, the quotation can not be sloppy, pay attention to each customer, and Follow-up in the later period is also an indispensable link. So the later study is still very important, I still have to continue to work hard.

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