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Advantages of rubber-metal tire valve

times   2016-01-23

      Rubber-metal  valve is made of metal (brass) tube and a rubber cone formed, the  rubber cone with the base to form a whole, the base metal valve can  replace the valve must pad. Both inside and outside the metal sleeve thread, so you can use standard valve core and top hat. In order to be able to bind well to the rubber during vulcanization, the base made of metal tube has an annular groove.

       Rubber-metal valve over the whole metal valve has many advantages, so the rubber valve has been widely used. The main advantages are as follows:

       1. The rubber valve is used to rebase valve fixed on the inner  tube vulcanization method, so it has great flexibility and a combination  of tightness.
       2. The cone valve can be placed upright tube in the rim, and no valve hole near done. When  the car driving, such as the inner tube is damaged (if there is not  perforated), the valve will slowly penetrate into the interior of the  tire, the tire will not damage the tube wall. Nuts fixed on the rim of the metal valve, in case the above, it will make the tube rupture.
       3.  Rubber metal valve is much lighter than the metal valve, such as  rubber-metal valve weight is 20 to 25 grams, the weight corresponding to  this metal valve, compared with 50 to 55 grams, to make the metal the weight of the valve is fixed to the inner tube valve pad is also up to 15 to 16 grams. Therefore, the use of rubber-metal valve tube of unbalance can be reduced.
       4. Use a rubber-metal valves, can reduce a lot of non-ferrous metals consumption.
       5.  When using a rubber valve or base encapsulated valve, may not  necessarily use attached to the tube of the valve reinforcing mat.

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