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Recent situation of balance weight in China domestic market

times   2017-08-25

In recent months, the central inspection team of environmental remediation working is still non-stop, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Hebei and other places encountered the most stringent environmental protection campaign, some auto parts manufacture factory, like wheel balance weight , tire valves , shims and related galvanizing factory have been severely punished. 

In the production of these accessories , will cause some water pollution and land pollution, Some raw materials are non-environmentally and will cause some pollution. Especially the galvanized treatment caused the water pollution is more serious. Some of the sewage causing serious pollution of rivers and land. Because the discharge quality is not up to standard.

In this situation , the raw material of steel, zinc and lead include the cost of galvanizing is increasing every day. So the price of wheel weight is also increasing . Especially the zinc wheel balance weight and lead wheel balance weight , the cost of raw material is increasing too much . For the price of Fe wheel balance weight , it has increase 250 USD/ ton on the basis of the original cost , and is still growing. This situation is inevitable under the environmental protection policy, so under the premise of understanding the basic policy now, only pre-order can avoid the latter part of the increase of costs, but also in the post-sale to increase profit margins.

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