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Your latest  interested product  latest condition in China

times   2017-09-06

1.Raw material increase rapidly ,including Steel ,Iron ,Zinc ,Lead ,Zinc alloy ,Rubber and so on ! Pls keep close attention for raw material before you order !

2.China environment government now strictly inspect all the factories in China  ! 

 A great  influence for all industries ,especially for South of China ! North of China little better ! So far ,most South of china factories are forced to  closed  or  withhold production !

North  of China is better,only some pollution industries are inspected by environment department , Such as galvanizing plant ,all need to under production after wastewater treatment & air treatment!All these factor  lead Products unit price increase  ,as a good friends for you ,if have stocks in warehouse ,can wait some longer time ,maybe future unit price will lower again !

But if no stock ,and need urgently ,don't hesitate , order soon ,sooner you ordered ,more cost you save !Did you realize ? All customer order before June , almost receive goods in warehouse  ,you will find , you are win ,since now unit price increase too much ! Did you agree ?

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