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Quality control of wheel weight

times   2018-05-25

Wheel weight is the main product of Cangzhou Shengshiweiye Automobile Accessory Co.,ltd. Factory is founded in 1992. Now wheel weight production has been a more mature production line.The strict quality control meets the needs of all of the world.

 1) The raw material, it is customized from Tangshan Steel company based on the wheel balance weight quality requirements.

wheel balance weights.jpg

    2) In the process of stamping, forging, and wheel balancing block basic molding, a worker is responsible for a machine to ensure that the machine works normally, and finds problems in a timely manner, adjusts molds, and check defective products. 

Wheel Weights Factor

     3After Surface Corrosion resistance treatment we will do the salt-spray test to test the corrosion resistance quality. 

Wheel Weights Factor

     4) As to the tape of adhesive wheel weight, we will test the pulling force of tape before packing

   5) When we do the packing, the surface of wheel weight with flaws, scratches will be discarded.

Wheel Weights Factor

Wheel weight is the key part for the safety of drivers and passengers. High-quality wheel weight production is the duty of our factory. A correct choice is us.

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