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Problems analysis balance weight

times   2018-05-01

      Step  1: Although the 205 mm size is not the end face of tolerance, but the  surface roughness and parallelism required at both ends, from the book  125 mlTl octagonal cutter milling cutter directly out of the surface of  shock pattern, it still can not reach processing Claim.

      Step 2: balance block has a total length of 255 Inm, so the effective  length of each knife should be at least 300 mm, and the depth of the  machined hole is relatively large, in the process of drilling through  processing chip difficult, often drill
Iron and burn because of crowded drill, jumping off the chisel. Especially  when drilling to 10omm generated when the cutting force is large,  serious dust accumulation when chip, coolant jet horizontal machining  center does not lead weights into the hole fever. For these reasons, in the processing of 30 ∞ when mrn hole Arbor prone to deform, causing the larvae L from the center. Although  the expansion of drilling process and reamers have inverted cone as a  guide, but still often appear when reaming hole wall roughness value  increases, or aperture out of tolerance, or result in the processing, /,  30 mm and both end faces not vertically, reach precision drawings. Balance  block will have a negative factor when clamping pressure deformation,  after finishing release code folder when completed will produce  distortion, affecting the machining accuracy. Processing difficult to guarantee quality, substandard products rate has been high, seriously affected the production schedule.

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