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Mid-Autumn Festival

times   2018-09-21

In August, it is time of Zhongqiu, good flower and full moon, and the festival is celebrated. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. wishes all friends and relatives: good health, smooth work, family reunion, happiness and well-being!

No other festivals, like the Mid-Autumn Festival, carries a common cultural memory and emotional identity of a nation. Mid-Autumn Festival is the expectation of Su Shi’s “I hope that people will live for a long time, and the whole world will be a thousand miles away.” It’s the feeling of Bai Juyi’s “How can I see where my hometown is in the northwest and how many times the moon rounds in the southeast ”, it’s the Du Fu’s homesick“The full moon is outside the window and in the mirror! The mood of homesickness is like a knife in the heart!”

That round of the bright moon, like a container of the soul, with the emotions, aesthetics, and philosophical thoughts that have lasted for thousands of years, is full of Chinese people's attachment to their homeland, their love for their loved ones, their longing for good, and their pursuit of happiness.

Where will you spend the Mid-Autumn Festival this year? Will you be in your hometown? Will you be around your loved one? No matter where you are, remember to send blessings to the loved ones.

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