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LD-3AL Infrared paint lamp

times   2018-11-16

LD-3AL Infrared paint lamp

Using German technology and high quality identified by the international special light source laboratory IRA infrared shortwave heating tubes, over 8000 hours of lamp life.

LD-3AL Infrared paint lamp

Using special processing imported 304 stainless steel reflector plates on both sides of the plug of die cast aluminum die-casting(anti-high temperature, anti-distortion).

Imports knob mechanical set the time and temperature, hydraulic  lifter, the lamp body can be rotate 360°, to set the time automatically alarm ringing, independent control of each set of lights, safety overload protection.

LD-3AL Infrared paint lamp

Applicable power supply voltage:220V-240V  50/60HZ

Boot power:3*1100W( power size optional)

Backing area:1200mm*1000mm

Time:0-60 minutes adjustable

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