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Knowledge of wheel balance weight

times   2019-01-04

The wheel weight is a counterweight part which is installed on the wheels of the automobile. Its function is to make the wheels balance at their high rotating speed.

The installation method of the clip-on wheel balance weight:

1)Using the clear cloth or deer skin to clean the inside and outside of the wheel rims after checking  the wheel dynamic balance to make sure the surface of the wheel hub have no oil and water .

2)The inspection before installing the clip-on balance weight :

aThere is no crack, pinhole, shrinkage cavity and any other imperfection that could effect the strength .
The end of clamping piece have no crack and burr.


3)Find the balance point and install the balance weight on this point of the wheel rim . Then use installing tools (usually the wheel weight pliers) to knock on the top of the balance weight to make sure the hook and body fit the wheel rim completely.

4)Check whether the balance weight is less crowded after installation. If not, it means we finish the installation successfully.


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