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Automechanika Johannesburg 2017

times   2017-09-18

The largest auto industry in Africa

The exhibition is one of the world's 22 largest auto industry exhibitions, the continent's largest auto industry exhibition, is the latest automotive industry trends, innovation, fashion a show. The exhibition aims to show automobile development, attract foreign investment and promote international exchanges and trade.

Attractive: the exhibition in addition to the auto parts and service equipment manufacturers to provide display platform, there will be part of the large dealers, importers as exhibitors to display their products and services, this part of the important groups in the industry The exhibition is often only as a participant in the exhibition.

High degree of internationalization: the audience and exhibitors from all over the world, the last show attracted a total of 39 countries from 31 countries a total of 11,157 spectators, from 21 countries and regions, 608 exhibitors.

High innovation: the show represents the latest industry trends. This shows all the relevant new products and new concepts. The exhibition will showcase auto parts, automotive systems, accessories and maintenance services and other products, exhibits complete, highly professional.

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