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Iron stick-on weights Advantage

times   2018-05-04

      Iron stick-on weights, blocks for the iron content is zero, the tape has 3M, South Korea, Taiwan and China, and other varieties, optionally, to use for a variety of environmental requirements. Surface electrostatic spraying, resin coating and advanced automotive paint spraying, etc., etc. PASTED its advantages are many, Here's a brief look:

1. apply to any vehicle, plus galvanized spray, meet environmental standards and anti-corrosion.

2. weight block lettering clear, sophisticated technology, neat appearance.

3. The weight error is extremely small, high-quality double-sided adhesive, solid paste.

4. Balancing does not hurt the rim, and aesthetically pleasing.

5. arbitrarily cut a variety of specifications, widely applicable, to balancing convenience.

6. Size: 60G (5G * 4pcs + 10G * 4pcs), 60G (5G * 12pcs), you can select the appropriate product depending on the needs.

      That is all I share with you the knowledge of the iron stick-on weights, hoping to have this troubled people to help, I plant mainly produces related components, welcomed the intention to buy.

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