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How to use the stick on wheel weight

times   2018-09-14

Stic-on wheel weight is a kind of balance block that is used more often. What is the usage method? Let us introduce it below:

1. After cleaning the hub, place the balancer on the hub and check that the arc of the hub is suitable for the balance weight. When the balance weight is placed, the protective film of the back strip remains. The radius of the balance block curvature should be at least parallel to the radius of the hub.

2. Select a suitable cleaning agent (such as 70% isopropyl alcohol solution), carefully clean the surface of the hub with a clean soft cloth to remove impurities and dust from the surface of the hub. Note: Make sure that the ambient temperature balance block and the temperature of the hub are not lower than 16 °C.

3. After pasting the balance block, continue to press from the middle of the balance block to both ends. The adhesion of the balancing block strip reached 80-90% after about 24 hours, and after 72 hours, the adhesion reached 100%.

4. Uncover the protective film on the back of the balance block and place the balance on the hub. When placing the balance weight, the force should be applied from the middle of the balance block to both ends at a pressure not lower than 100 kPa.

The above is the method used by our company to summarize the use of the paste balance block. If you have other questions, you can call our hotline, Shengshiweiye looks forward to working with you!


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