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Fe stick on wheel weights

times   2017-06-07

Fe stick on wheel weights

1, applicable to any model, galvanized and sprayed plastic, in line with environmental protection and anti-corrosion standards.

2, the heavy block lettering clear, craft fine, the appearance is neat.

3, the weight error is very small, uses the high quality double-sided adhesive, pastes firmly.

4, dynamic balance does not hurt the rims, but also beautiful.

5, free to cut a variety of specifications, applicable to a wide range of dynamic balance to bring convenience.

You can choose the right product according to different needs.

Development of iron-pasted balance block

In recent years, with the high-speed multi-function CNC machine tools, high-strength tools and other advanced processing means of continuous introduction, in unmanned high-speed machining, mold surface fine machining, five-axis linkage processing, computer virtual processing and other technical applications have made rapid development. Simulation, virtual reality and other advanced technologies have been used in the early stage of the development of clamping. Due to the rapid development of the industry, the technology and management of China's mold industry has also entered the fast lane, Cangzhou Shengshi Weiye Automobile Accessory Co., Ltd. has the ability to challenge the mold quality industry in developed countries.

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