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Remove the Doubts of new customer

times   2017-04-10

On November 2st , an new customer contact us for the wheel weighs .  He told us that he need the wheel weights,but as first cooperate ,and first purchase this poducts ,so he asked for many many questions :


 1. Whether product packaging can be customized ?

  “Adhensive wheel weight can be customized packaging with you .”


Fe stick on Wheel weigths

2: Delivery time& 20ft Container Shipping

  “1.Lead clip on wheel weight 40 tons within 1 month .

      20ft container load 24-25 tons.

   2.Zinc clip on wheel weight 60 tons within 1 month .

     20ft container load 24-25 tons.

   3. Fe adhensive wheel weight 120 tons within 1 month .

20ft container load 24-25 tons.”


3. What is your MOQ of wheel weight?

   “1 tons .”


4. What’s your warranty?

“ We provide one year warranty and we will give more easy-broken parts before shipment. If any problem happened and we are very sorry 

for that. But we will give necessary assistant and send broken part to you”


Through 2 days commucation ,customer finally remove his doubts !And our first cooperate is coming !

Fe stick on Wheel weigths

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