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Establish a good relationship with customers

times   2018-09-17

Building a good relationship with customers is key to developing new sales opportunities and maintaining old sales operations. Many orders are signed by the salesperson and the customer. If sales personnel want to work closely with old customers and develop new customers through the introduction of old customers, they must do a good job with their customers. A productive customer relationship will satisfy both buyers and sellers. To successfully win new customers and develop new customers into their own customers, you must understand and follow the basic principles of customer relationship building and maintenance.

Here are a few basic ways to build a good relationship with your customers.

1. Express interest in the business of your existing or potential customers, and from time to time make suggestions that are helpful to your customers.

2. Frequently provide some information that will help customers.

3. Keep regular contact with customers, but don't always try to sell them something.

4. Provide products to other customers who may be helpful to the customer.

Therefore, for customers, we should not only build on the basis of sales, only to fully understand the customer so that we can to maintain a long-term relationship with customers.

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