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Customer arrivalling

times   2019-04-11

Finally, the customer was greeted at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and the itinerary was confirmed before the customer was received (it is best to confirm with the customer before the customer comes, such as visiting the factory at a specific time, eating at a specific time, etc.). Simply say hello to the customer, talk about the daily routine and understand the plan of the customer's trip. This time, customers also want to see more factories and determine a stable and reliable supplier. Next, take the customer to the various workshops to see the production process and production equipment. It is also gradually understanding what problems have arisen when customers cooperate with previous suppliers, and explain the customers one by one. The customers also give affirmation to the problems and are very recognized for our quality.


After reading the workshop, come to the office to implement the details of the product, the requirements for product quality, the requirements for packaging, and the requirements for accessories. One by one into the contract, so that it is convenient to communicate later. It also gives customers the choice of different prices and specifications for the two products, so that customers have more choices. If you want a low price, the specifications and functions will be less.


The end customer is still choosing a product with relatively good quality, which is more secure. For the price, the customer needs to negotiate with the manager to go back, but the customer is still relatively convinced of the quality of our products, and we think that we are more advanced. Looking forward to the arrival of customer orders.


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