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Clip on wheel weights process

times   2018-10-20

Clip on wheel weights process

1. Specialized material: The steel hook is made of tailor-made manganese steel Mn-GB699. And the material of casting lead weights is scientifically configurated special lead, iron and 0# zinc.

2. Weight: The wheel weight has weight tolerance, which is in line with the national standard QC/T199-1995. +_5%g for car wheel weights, +_1g for bus/truck wheel weights 50g, 100g, +_2g for 150g, 200g and +_4g for 250g, 300g.

3. Strict process: Wipe off cyanide strictly when doing heat treatment of the hook to achieve standard hardness to guarantee the hook performance.

4. Unique design: The steel hook opening and curvature are designed according to rim standard to ensure that the wheel weights disassembling force can meet the standard.

5. Neat appearance: Keep the surface of the wheel weights bright, free of pores and burr.

Pb clip on wheel weights

Clip on wheel weights technical requirements

1. No Cracks, pinholes, shrinkage or other defects that may affect strength of the wheel weights. No cracks, burrs and elastic defects of the clip. Heat treatment hardness reaches HRC40-48. Surface treatment is zinc plated, plastic coated. Salt spray test reaches 120h and 500h for dacromet treatment.

2. Galvanized layer thickness of the clip is 0.025mm, which can fully meet the anti-corrosion standard.

3. Wheel weights disassembling force reaches 300N at least.

Pb clip on wheel weights

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