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Don't worry about the small balance block. A little carelessness will also affect driving safet

times   2018-04-19

Once again, the auto show is over, and many beautiful car models have once again become bright spots shining in different people's circle of friends! The beauty of the model is not beautiful, but still look at the legs! For the car, handsome is not handsome to look at casters!

Many people may only pay attention to what kind of wind wheels are used in this car and what international big tires are used. But you may ignore a little thing on the tire --- the wheel weights!

The wheel of a car is a whole made up of tires and wheels. However, due to manufacturing and assembly reasons, the mass distribution of this overall part is not uniform. When the car wheel rotates at a high speed, it will form a dynamic unbalanced state, causing the wheel to shake and the steering wheel to vibrate when the vehicle is moving.

At this time, in order to eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to increase the counterweight, which is the wheel weight, to correct the tire imbalance.

When to use wheel weight

So when do you use balance blocks? In fact, every automobile assembly, the manufacturers will first make a dynamic balance, according to the amount of imbalance installed balance block!

In the daily vehicle maintenance process, generally the following conditions need to be balanced and install the wheel weights!

Clip on wheel weights

Daily maintenance to do four wheel alignment

Timely detection of the tire's jitter can effectively avoid tire wear, and thus extend tire life. If the tire oscillates and beats, the consequences of driving at high speed cannot be imagined.

When replacing tires and hubs

Wheel hub or tire replacement, due to the manufacturing process, weight, and the original equipment are somewhat different. In addition, after the vehicle has traveled for a certain period of time, wear of various parts is definitely different, and it is necessary to add balance weights to adjust the balance.

Pay special attention to: in winter cold areas, vehicles need to be re-balanced when they replace snow tires, and it is recommended to use the stable Zhuo winter balance block, low-temperature enhanced version of the tape, the effect is better! ! !

When removing tires

A common patch is to patch the damaged area. Even if this happens, it will produce a change in weight. At this point, you need to rebalance.

When installing tire pressure monitoring sensor

Not all models have the function of tire pressure monitoring. Many people will install tire pressure monitoring in order to better monitor the safety of the tires after buying the car. Because there is a difference in quality between the TPMS and the common valve, and the original balance is broken, the dynamic balance needs to be re-established.

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