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Clip on wheel weight installation and installation method

times   2018-12-07

Clip on wheel weight installation and installation method

In recent years, due to the sharp increase in car ownership, and the tire warranty has been incorporated into the regulations for the opening of automobile maintenance enterprises, the heat of the automobile iron hook-type balance block maintenance and maintenance market is gradually heating up.

   The installation of the Clip on wheel weightand its structural type, quality, size (including the spring hook and balance block), and strict technical requirements during installation.

The installation method is as follows:

1. After you have verified the dynamic balance of the tire, use the cleaning agent to clean the inner and outer sides of the rim edge.

2. Check before installation:

a, balance weight without cracks, pinholes, shrinkage holes or other defects affecting strength;

 b, harmful cracks and burrs are not allowed at the end of the clip;

3. Find a good balance point, install the balance block on the balance point of the wheel rim, and use the installation tool (usually the balance clamp) to strike the top of the hook so that the balance block hook and the block completely match the rim.

4. Check if the balance block is loose after the installation is completed. If there is no balance block installation.

Here is an analysis of the precautions for use:

1 When using, the tires to be balanced should be brushed to the dirt on the surface and the stones stuck in the tire pattern, so as to ensure the correct balance.

2 If there is a balance on the tire to be balanced that has been balanced, it should be balanced once with the old balance. Some maintenance workers do not remove the old balance block when balancing the tires, but directly put on a new balance block, which is not appropriate. On the same tire, the number of balance pieces required (not the quality) should be as small as possible.

3 Different rims need different balance blocks to be stuck or affixed. The balance block type should be selected reasonably.

4 When loading the tires, be sure to install the cards in place. Some large tires need someone else to help them in place. It is also necessary to accurately input the tire size and the positioning size on the balance block to complete the work with fast speed and quality assurance.

5 The wheel weights will automatically start the motor to rotate the tire after the tire cover is lowered. To protect the equipment and extend the life of the motor, push the tire in the normal direction of rotation to help the motor start before the tire cover is lowered. This makes it easy to start the motor after the tire cover is buckled.

6 Some repair shops are too troublesome to install tire covers, which is a big hidden danger. Also, when operating the balancer, there should be no one in front of the rotating tire.

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