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Wheel balance weights in the car role

times   2018-07-16

 Any mass of each part object itself differences in static and low-speed rotation, the uneven quality of the object will affect the stability of the rotation, the higher the speed, the greater the vibration. It is well known as China's road conditions improved and rapid development of automobile technical level, the vehicle speed is also faster. If the quality of automobile wheels uneven, in this high-speed driving, not only will affect the ride comfort, but also increases the car tire and suspension system is not normal wear and tear, increasing the difficulty of cars in motion the process control, leading to traffic insecurity.

 Block off balance because of its generally not meet the requirements of several key parameters caused, namely: steel hook hardness, elasticity is insufficient, i.e. enough elasticity, hardness is too high, handling is difficult, opening the gap is too large, the material itself is defective, etc. .


 Manufacturers professional production of wheel balance weights are not many, but most are small towns small factories and family workshops, productivity and technology level is very limited, in order to increase the competitiveness of the market, the use of low performance of the materials they find ways to reduce product cost reduction Sales prices in the market, this has led to today's auto market is flooded with a large number of low-quality low-cost weights, wheel mounting block on such a balance is not installed weights than less safe: the poor quality of the balance of the first block easy to fall off during use, due to its centrifugal fast, the equivalent of a bullet just collide, it is easy to hurt pedestrians and vehicles: Secondly, themselves not safe, because the balance wheel block off suddenly not balance, leading to traffic during sudden shake violently, to traffic risk. To avoid this situation, the wheel before installing special equipment must - wheel balancing machine balancing test, adding the appropriate quality small counterweight at the wheel at the wheel at high speed to maintain dynamic balance, this Species counterweight is wheel balance weights.

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