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Benefits of Wheel positioning

times   2017-07-04

1. Wheel positioning benefits Improve vehicle handling stability. Increase driving sense of control, to ensure driving safety. If the wheel positioning parameters change, when the car driving, the steering wheel will jitter, the vehicle swing , hard steering , steering wheel can not automatically turn round and other phenomena, damage the vehicle handling stability, ride comfort and safety.


2. Reduce gasoline consumption and machine parts wear. If the vehicle positioning parameters change, it will affecting vehicle acceleration and fuel economy. Compare the front wheel side-slip measure 5.2 / km and side-slip 0.2 / km . The rolling resistance increased by 30%. Accelerated performance is reduced by 7.5% , Increased uniform speed fuel consumption by 5%. If the positioning is properly adjusted, in most cases, uniform speed fuel consumption will be reduced by 3% to 10%, and in some cases even by 20%. Due to reduced driving resistance, vehicle maintenance costs will also decline


wheel balancer CB-1200

3. To ensure that the vehicle driving straight and turn the steering wheel automatically back to positive. If the amount of front wheel side-slip increased by 1m / km, the car straight driving offset will increase to 12-23cm / 100m. Widening traveling track can affecting the passing of the car, easily lead to traffic accidents. The correct wheel positioning, can solve the truck rear axle (drive axle) or trailer axle side or offset, to ensure that the steering wheel back to positive. Reduce the driver's constant adjustment of the steering wheel. Improve vehicle passing ability and safety. Especially the car rear wheel positioning parameters change, it also affect the car driving straight.

Fe clip on wheel weights.JPG

4. Reduce tire wear and tear. If the wheel positioning parameters change, in the direction of 0.1 degrees difference, it will lead to tire life reduce by 15% to 50%, tire wear will increase by 140%. The correct wheel positioning, can prevent tire slide of side direction when scrolling forward, reduce wear and tear to extend tire life.

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