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Car tire pump should pay attention to car valve

times   2016-01-23

1, driving a car after a period of time to wait after a suspended tire heat plus gas. This is because when the vehicle tire temperature will rise on the pressure affected.

2, to check the valve. If the valve and valve core with uneven, protruding recessed phenomena and other flaws, are not easy to fill and the amount of air pressure.

3, inflatable pay attention to clean. Filled the air can not contain water and oil, to prevent the deterioration of rubber inner tube damage.

4, inflatable should not exceed the standard too, it can not be due to the long travel abroad and can not be inflated too much inflated. Because beyond the standard will lead to excessive over-stretching the cord, causing its strength reduced, affecting the life of the tire.

5, inflatable operate carefully. The pneumatic valve stem before should wipe dust, do not loosen the valve core. After completion of the application inflatable lather wipe the valve stem, check for leaks, if the leak will produce continuous small bubbles. And will tighten the valve caps to prevent sediment entering the valve interior.

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