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Technical requirements for balancing weight

times   2016-09-13

1. Accurate Weight

Compared with requirements of wheel weight, the finished products’ weight tolerance can be controlled within plus or minus 5 grams for car wheels and 10 grams for large buses (truck) wheels. It’s better than the national standard: less than 10%.


2. Special Materials

Steel hook material is Mn-steel in accordance with the requirements. And the lead material used in casting is special lead according to scientific configuration.


3. Strict technology

Strict control the steel hook heat treatment. Ensured that steel hooks arrive the required hardness and its’ performance after the heat treatment.


4. Unique Design

Steel hook opening gap and radian are designed as the rim standard to ensure the removal force of wheel weights meet the prescriptive requirements.


5. Beautiful Appearance

Ensure bright surface, without pores and burrs of wheel balance weights.


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