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Wheel Balance Weight shipping Process

times   2018-05-14

1.Shipping schedule

Sales make shipping schedule with the ship date, item name, specification, customer name.

2.Production Process

Production sector will be in charge of purchasing, feeding and returning surplus raw material. And According to the shipping schedule, production sector prints labels, classifies goods, checks the amount etc.

3.IQC inspection

The product in accordance with the set requirements inspection process :

a.Check surface treatment by visual

b.Check weight error by electronic balance

c.Hardness Testing 

d.Pulling Test

e.Salt spray test


Store Eligible product; pick and rework substandard 


5.Finished Product testing

Warehouse gets ready for the goods and notices QC personnel to confirm the packing and finished products


After the confirmation of the quality and packing of products by QC, the finished products could be loading.

7.Loading confirmation

QC need to confirm the products wont be dropped, extruded, and collided by loading mode and stacking mode. Then can seal the cabinet.

8. Send products to the appointed warehouse of the port, and arrange sea shipment.

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